Fahr Beyond

Supporting research into Fahr's Disease

Living with Fahr's 

When you have been diagnosed with Fahr's like a most reactions to a life changing condition it is not uncommon to feel: 

- Upset

- Questioning why it has happened, how you could have prevented, what have you done wrong

- Anger

- Helplessness 

- Remorse

- Withdrawn 

All these are part of being human, it is all part of the process of coming to terms with living with Fahr's. Admittedly, not everyone will experience all of these, and every person will take their own time going through the process of acceptance of the condition. 

It is important to take care of yourself throughout this, don't deny what you have will impact upon the way that you live and the way in which you view the world. 


There are support networks of family, friends and colleagues who will be there to support you. 

Our advice is that you are realistic about expectations of your life and that you continue to have a fulfilling living. There is not enough medical evidence to meaningfully place a generalised rate of neurosis or end of life, indeed many patients are without symptoms and the condition will have no noticeable impact on them. 

If you ever notice that you are developing new symptoms or worsening symptoms then immediately seek medical advice from your doctor/consultant. 

Don't be afraid to reach out for support from organisations, and in some countries you will have additional protections and special considerations under the law (such as in the UK you are protected from Discrimination allowed workplace adaptations), in some cases you could be eligible for government financial support,